Blogger Prom FTW!

24 07 2009

Had a great time at what I hope will become the first annual LA Blogger Prom. Held this past Wednesday at the gorgeous new Andaz Hotel (which used to be the old Sunset Strip “Riot House” ), there were goodies galore, but the best part was meeting people who, up until then, I’d only known via my computer screen.

The Prom Committee, by Caroline On Crack via flickr

It’s hard to thank everyone, because I don’t know everyone, but I will try. Lindsay of LAist; H.C. of LA and OC Foodventures; Marni of Happy Go Marni; Maya from Shop Eat Sleep; Natalie of The Liquid Muse; Tara of When Tara Met Blog; and of course, E*starla and Caroline On Crack.

I’ve done a lot of posting lately on LA Metblogs so someone else will be posting a recap of the event, but suffice to say we had an amazing time, the food & drink were delicious, and the company was lovely. It was cool being surrounded by fellow geeks & nerds. I felt a significant LACK of social anxiety, unlike my usual experience at parties, and I credit that to being surrounded with quality, like-minded people. So thank you, Prom Committee, for that gift. It’s rare.

Also, check out the sponsors who made this event such a special treat (sorry for the awkward spacing, I pulled them directly from the Blogger Prom site & can’t seem to strip out all the html):

Giveaway Sponsors:



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