Content-Rich Home Pages & Calendar Databases

2 05 2014

These home pages and calendar systems are template-based and draw their content from a custom CMS built by the developers at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment. They’re quite clever, those developer guys.

I myself am particularly proud of the calendars and their functionality. When I arrived at Clear Channel LA in 2007, no stations had online calendars; some had paltry article feeds of upcoming station events, but there was no system to categorize and display events in a searchable format. I worked with developer Daniel Thom to design the specs and requirements for a new calendar system powered by a custom php-mySQL database. I drew on knowledge from previous journalism jobs where I’d been responsible for online event calendars (Flavorpill, Tribune’s Metromix) and had developed a good idea of the kind of UX required for content-entry, as well as the most effective and useful ways of displaying information on the “front end.”

This system was adopted by the entire Los Angeles cluster, and shortly thereafter, by all of Clear Channel nationally.

KOST 103.5fm Calendar
For these calendars, adopted by CC nationwide, I developed the specs, wireframes and UX requirements doc, and Clear Channel Lead Developer Daniel Thom programmed the mySQL database. We then integrated that database with both “front end” functionality for the public based on my experience with former CMS’s and UX design, and designed a “back end” easy-to-use form for employees to enter event content into the calendars, from images to links, polls, even iframes. Homepage
Refreshed this template-based, CMS-powered homepage and many of its sub-pages every day with new content for internal clients, station promotions, and advertising campaigns.



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