…as the Canuckians say. Aboot me:


My name is Lucinda Michele.

I was born in Los Angeles.  I’m a fan.

Credit where credit is highly due:

The photo in the header was taken by Ryan at docrpm. He is the shiznit. It was edited by Seth at unventure.com, who is also highly shiznitty. And sexy.

I would not be blogging today–or, well, I wouldn’t have gotten into it as early as I did–around 2002–if not for Ryan Freitas, on whom I developed a pathetic crush during the days of his early blog, Gangcandy (now defunct). In the end, I crushed on the blog more than the guy (and became more preoccupied with booze, rock music and loose men), and started my own blog. It’s the original overhaul/undertow, but I petered out with it a few years back (although I’m still glad to see on there my full-length “Schooled By Spock” account of my near-abortive interview of Leonard Nimoy. Man, was that ever an almost-trainwreck of epic proportions).

Anyhoo, it’s only recently that I felt ready to blog again. Due to my work with LA Metblogs–where I’m extraordinarily flattered to have taken on the helm of captain from the [IMO irreplaceable] David Markland–I found I preferred wordpress to blogger, so I’ve switched and am giving it a go here.

We shall see, eh?

I work a day job that I actually, surprisingly, really enjoy. Which is odd, because it’s been a long, strange trip from volunteering at anarcho-punk occasionally-pirate radio station killradio.org, to working for The Man. I’d like to think that I’ve been able to strike an odd balance between these two extremes.

I don’t have a favorite color, my sign is Aquarius, INFJ, like both dogs and cats, used to be an art teacher, graduated with honors from UCLA, am not single, and collect Peeps. A fan of both bacon, and vegan food. And I know kung fu.


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20 01 2009

Your tagline caught me. If I may be so bold and paraphrase a bit, there are no small writers, only small writings.

You’re someone. Be proud of it.

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